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Special Educational Needs

Inclusion: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information

Pawlett Primary School Academy is a school where everyone is valued, trusted and all individuals are included and welcome – we are a true ‘Learning without Limits’ school. We believe that all children can become more powerful, committed and successful learners when provided with supportive and inclusive conditions and generous opportunities for individualised learning. We know that children thrive best in a nurturing environment where all of their achievements are valued and celebrated. 

Our SENDCo Ruth Baltzer with support from Principal, Emma Barker is available via email info@ppsa.theplt.org.uk or the school office for parents consultations. 

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress at school regarding any area of their learning, the first person to speak to about your concerns is your child’s class teacher. If you still have any ongoing concerns you may wish to speak to the school’s SENDCo. 

If any educational needs are identified Ruth Baltzer and the class teacher, with the support of Emma Barker will plan how to provide support for your child with the involvement of both yourself and the class teacher and outside agencies as appropriate.  We follow an assess, plan, do, reivew cycle.

If additional support is needed, we will work closely with families and outside agencies to overcome any barriers children may face in their learning.

Families are offered the opportunity to meet their child’s class teacher twice a year at Learning Review Meeting to discuss their progress. 

Mrs Jeffries our Learning Mentor is available to meet with families to discuss any social and emotional issues which they feel may be affecting their child’s ability to learn. They can work with small groups and/or with individual children depending on the child’s specific needs. Appointments can be arranged via the school office.

If you still have concerns that your child’s needs are not being met, please do speak to Emma Barker.

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