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Pawlett Primary School Academy Gaunts Road, Pawlett, Bridgwater TA6 4SB
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ROO (reading, oracy, outdoors)

“Happiness does not simply happen to us.  It’s something that we make happen.” 

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


At Pawlett Primary School Academy we believe every child deserves to be happy, but it doesn’t just happen.  We help make it happen, we help to children to learn to make themselves happy by supporting them through their earliest, foundational years of their lives.

We believe in the strength of ROO – reading, oracy and outdoors.  It is these three factors which combine, interweave and are interspersed like a golden thread in how we deliver our curriculum here at PPSA.

This is something as a whole team we are very passionate about, if you would like to talk to us further about our curriculum delivery that incorporate ROO, from EYFS to Year 6 please get in touch info@ppsa.theplt.org.uk