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Learning Outdoors

‘Not all classrooms have four walls.’


We LOVE the outdoors here at PPSA.  We are blessed to have fabulous grounds, and we certainly make the most of it.   Read on for more details about at least one way in which we deliver the curriculum here at Pawlett.


  • We believe in harnessing the love of the outdoors to help improve engagement and learning and subsequent outcomes for children by delivering parts of our curriculum beyond the four walls of the classroom


  • There is a large body of evidence to demonstrate the benefits of outdoor learning
    • Attainment
    • Health & wellbeing
    • Cognitive & Social Development
    • Nature & Biodiversity
    • Physical Activity & Attainment
  • We learnt from lockdown how engaged the children were when working outside
  • The children enjoy it and want to do it
  • The parents are hearing how beneficial and engaging it is
  • We believe it will make a difference to children’s learning – make learning sticky!


  • Learning outdoors is not an ‘add on’ but an embedded part of our school culture
  • Timetabled hour slot for each year group to have the curriculum delivered outside (being mindful that ALL our classes are mixed aged)
  • CPD for all staff in delivering the curriculum outside – planning, ideas, resources etc
  • Learning outdoors is planned for and regularly assessed for impact
  • Fully utilising successful Local Schools Nature Grant from Learning Through Landscapes
  • Set of waterproof trousers for each group across the whole school
  • Wellies for every child
  • Easily accessible kit for outdoor learning sessions including waterproof clip boards, chalk, tarpaulins etc
  • Growing research library both on line and real available to all staff


“Learning outside helps me as it is less noisy so I can think.”

Year 3 child

“The understanding is so much greater when they come back in the classroom, I can see it in their books.”

Year 2/3 teacher

“Learning about fractions has never been more fun” Year  6 child

“I only hear about what learning they have done outside – they are so excited by it!”

Year 3 and 6 parent

This video show learning outdoors in action!

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