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Welcome to term 5 and 6!

Thank you so much for your patience and support moving into this term.

Please find below the curriculum letter and timetable for this the summer term:

Summer curriculum letter 2024




Our enquiry question this term will be ‘What’s your favourite story?’ The children will be exploring questions such as, What is your story? What is a story? What stories do we remember? What is your story? What happened? What are real tales/yarns? and What stories are from all over the World? This focus will feed into our English learning.

Our focus text for the first few weeks is:


The children continue to learn Phonics using our Read Write Inc. scheme.  The children will be reading their books in school three times before bringing the books home to share with you.  Please continue to hear them read and sign in their reading record when they have read. Regular reading practise is so important.  We will send home video links for Phonics lessons regularly.  These videos will be targeted to your child’s needs or gaps in their learning at that time.  They are only about 10 minutes long and your children will mostly be able to follow them without your support, so please find the time for them to watch them.


The children will continue to learn their Maths following the mastering number sessions and NCETM Teaching for Mastery.  Please continue to help your child to recognise numbers around them and encourage them to practise counting up to 100 in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Look for 2D shapes (triangle, circle, rectangle and square) and 3D shapes (cube, cone, cuboid, sphere, cylinder) in your home and when you are out and about. What shapes can they find? Do they know their number bonds?  We focus on making 5, 10 or 20?  E.g 4+1=5, 6+4=10, 15+5=20.

The children need to develop quick recall of number bonds, so the more practise the better.  The children have been learning to double numbers and recognise odd and even numbers.  Can they recall their number doubles?


Interactive learning at home:

Please continue the use of spelling shed and numbots to support your child’s learning.

If you can’t find your numbots log in then please let us know and we can let you have a new one.


In history we will be learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’.

We have started this by thinking about what we already know, we will then use the text to support us in our enquiry.



In science our focus will be on plants, looking at deciduous and evergreen trees and wild and garden plants. We will also be exploring and reminding ourselves of what plants might need to survive.



This terms focus focus sport is benchball. WE will be practicing and developing our ‘sending’ and ‘receiving’ skills when using a ball.



Art is all about making marks in different ways, we started this week by exploring wax crayons and how we can use these in different ways to create different effects.



The big question we will be reflecting on in our religious studies is ‘Why should we care for the world?’

To help us answer this we will be thinking about these mini questions:

Who owns the world?

This week we discussed who owns the world and if it was precious. The children shared some fantastic ideas,

‘It is everyone’s we need to look after it’   ‘God owns the world, it is still precious’.

Who can care for the world?

Why do some people believe we should care for the world?

What do some Muslim people believe about caring for the world?

What other reasons are there for caring for the world?

Why should we care for the world?



Together in PSHE we will be exploring and focusing on relationships.



This terms focus is timbre and rhythmic patterns.

This week we practiced using charecter vocies and acted out the 3 little pigs.

The children were fantastic wolves and gave brilliant intonation.

Ask them to hear their best ‘Littttttlllleee piiiggggg, litttttllleeeeee pigggggg, let me iinnnnnnnnn!’



We are creating media and digital imagery. to start this focus we have created our own online safety posters.


I m so excited and feel very lucky to be sharing the summer term with the Heron team. The children have settled in this week and we have such a busy and exciting term ahead.

I am always available, so if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to speak to m and we can arrange a time to talk.

Here is to an amazing summer term!