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Curriculum Overview

Our broad and balanced curriculum covers a wide variety of subjects, and of course there is a great deal of overlap between these subjects.  At PPSA our mixed-age phases (1-3) offer an Enquiry Curriculum for our foundation subjects (history, geography, art and DT) other subject areas are taught discretely.

Enquiry Curriculum

We design our curriculum this way so that young people are challenged to articulate and demonstrate their own learning and how they ‘know and remember more.’ Enquiry based learning is an approach to teaching the wider curriculum which is designed to promote curiosity encouraging children to be active stakeholders in their learning.

Each big enquiry lasts 10 weeks; followed by one week of summative assessment/presentation of understanding and a week over-learning week where any outstanding misconceptions can be  addressed before moving onto the next big enquiry. Children start each enquiry with a big question and then undertake a series of mini enquiries necessary to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to answer the initial question. Their answer is given through a ‘presentation of understanding’ which requires children to showcase their learning through approaches such as planning an exhibition, curating a museum, performing a play, producing a publication and much more that requires them to share their expertise. In this way we are able to develop academic learning full of knowledge and skills as well as character traits such as collaboration, communication, courage and entrepreneurship. The questions get progressively more complex as the children move through the school.

Phase 1- what questions

Phase 2 – what and how questions

Phase 3 – where and why questions

If you would like more information about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you can have a look through each class’ curriculum overview below:


2023-2024 Term 1 & 2 Curriculum Overview

Heron Class :2023 Term 1 curriculum letter  Term 2 skills and knowledge planning overview

Kestrel Class : Term 1 and 2 Who settled here first skills and knowledge overview Science Knowledge Organiser History Knowledge Organiser

Buzzard class : Term 1 and 2 Settle and invade skills and knowledge


If you would like any further information on our Curriculum please contact the school Emma Barker,