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Pawlett Primary School Academy Gaunts Road, Pawlett, Bridgwater TA6 4SB
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Curriculum & Assessment

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’

Nelson Mandela

Our Curriculum

‘Learning together.  Growing together.’

We are very proud of our curriculum and have worked hard creating a broad and balanced two-year rolling cycle for our children.


The core intention of our curriculum is for children to develop a deep body of knowledge and skills through engaging and memorable learning experiences which encourage all children to ask ‘big’ questions and develop independence and resilience in their learning.


In primary schools within The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT), we teach the National Curriculum 2018 through 21 x 12 week learning enquiries over seven years; three per year for each year group. At Pawlett Primary School Academy this is organised on a two-year rolling programme and in Years 4, 5 and 6 we revisit Cycle A following similar themes and concepts in an alternative context. This ensures that we delve deeper and secure knowledge and understanding.  We deliver this broad and balanced curriculum through quality first teaching, outdoor learning sessions for every year group every week and explicitly teaching oracy skills to benefit every subject.


The impact of our curriculum will be measured by ascertaining how much children know and can do from one learning enquiry to the next.  We will evaluate what knowledge and understanding our children have gained against age related expectations.

‘Learning is defined as an alteration in long term memory. If nothing has been altered in long-term memory-nothing has been learned’

Sweller et al

For more details about our curriculum, please see the Curriculum Intent Statement 2020 and the 2 year Curriculum Map.

Throughout the year, please look at class pages on this website for details about your child’s learning.  If you would like to find out more information, or feel you could support our curriculum in some way, please contact your child’s class teacher or Emma Barker (Principal).