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2020-2021 Term dates

Term 1: Wednesday 2nd September 2020 to Thursday 15th October 2020
Term 2: Monday 2nd November 2020 to Thursday 17th December 2020
Term 3: Monday 4th January 2021 to Friday 12th February 2021
Term 4: Monday 22nd February 2021 to Thursday 1st April 2021
Term 5: Monday 19th April 2021 to Friday 28th May 2021
Term 6: Monday 7th June 2021 to Friday 16th July 2021


2021-2022 Term dates

Term 1: Thursday 2nd September 2021 to Thursday 14th October 2021 (Wednesday 1st September & Friday 15th October are INSET days)
Term 2: Monday 1st November 2021 to Friday 17th December 2021
Term 3: Tuesday 4th January 2022 to Friday 18th February 2022
Term 4: Monday 28th February 2022 to Friday 8th April 2022
Term 5: Monday 25th April 2022 to Friday 27th May 2022
Term 6: Monday 6th June 2022 to Wednesday 20th July 2022 (Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd July are INSET days)

Term dates have been set for 2021-2022 and once again, we will be having a two week break in October.  We are also building in some training time for our staff in July, and so the summer term for students will end earlier than many other schools.  We would encourage parents to consider using these times for family holidays, rather than children missing out on education during term time. Please book holidays within the holiday dates so that your children maximise their learning in school. It really does make a difference.  Applications for time off will not be authorised unless in very exceptional circumstances.