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We really do hope you have had a restful and relaxing summer break and are ready and raring to go into our next academic year.  A knowledge organiser will be sent home shortly outlining the learning theme – ‘Why Do We Remember’ and the areas we will be covering for the next two terms.

Our learning theme sessions include all our foundation subjects; history, geography, science, DT, music, RE, PSHE,  and art.  The next two terms has got a history focus, but we still include the other areas as they overlap so.

Our first text we will be using in our English sessions is the wonderful Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo.

As ever, if you EVER want to come and talk to us about your child’s learning, please get in touch – a community raises a child and working together supports this.

Here’s to a fabulous year – let’s make it the best yet!

Mrs Elms and Mrs Barker










We would like to wish you all a relaxing and restful break over the Easter period.  Looking forward to seeing you all from 8:30am on the 19th April for the start of Term 5!


5th January 2021

For those children not in school please access the remote learning through google classroom. If you have trouble accessing the online learning set up for Term 3 please  email info@ppsa.theplt.org.uk or call the school on 01278 684151.


Last day of term!

Many thanks to Rev Chris of St. Mark‘s for Buzzard‘s Christingle Service, via Zoom, this afternoon. The children enjoyed making their Christingle orange and had some interesting questions for him afterwards.


We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year!  See you on the 4th January.

Term 2 Week 7

Well we’re here – the last week of term!

This week we are finishing our fabulous book 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford.  We have LOVED this book, there have been so many twists and turns with the ancient 11 year old boy Alfie – the class have really enjoyed it.

The name of the game in maths continued to be all things fractions – of shapes, numbers, pizza’s – you name it we are splitting it into equal parts, adding them, multiplying them, dividing them, ordering them and mixing them!  For practice with fractions – have a play on Top Marks.

Timetable of afternoon activities for this week including stop motion movie making, Hygge afternoon, decoration making, and a Christingle service.  We can’t wait!

We would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We look forward to seeing you all on the 4th January for the start of Term 3.




The weeks are zooming by as we rapidly head towards the end of term 2.  This week Buzzard Class will be collating their mini-museum ready to present their learning all about the impact of the Vikings on Britain.  We are really looking forward to hearing them share their knowledge and it is perfect opportunity to practice their oracy skills.

In English we are thoroughly enjoying 1000 year Old Boy and the children are honing their comprehension, retrieval, inference and prediction skills in reading.  This is combined with a spot of radio journalism, instruction writing and building up their vocabulary.

In PE the children have been learning how to work as a team, and some real progress has been made.  Here they are playing their own Pac-Man versions of hopscotch that they collaboratively designed, played and then tweaked to make even better.

The name of the game in maths continued to be all things fractions – of shapes, numbers, pizza’s – you name it we are splitting it into equal parts, adding them, multiplying the, ordering them and mixing them!  For practice with fractions – have a play on Top Marks.

Watch this space for details of next week!
Term 2 – week 4

It is safe to say the children are LOVING or new text and were quite intrigued by the story sack that is filled with ‘clues’ about the book.  This week they will be writing in role as ‘Mam’, preparing for and having a discussion, followed up with writing balanced argument.  The children will be learning and practicing their oracy skills to help support their written work – can’t wait!

In maths we are focusing on fractions – comparing, finding equivalents, adding, subtracting, multiplying etc – you name it – it will be fraction-tastic!  To help your children – try these Top Marks



Our learning theme is coming to an end but the learning continued to grow at pace – the children are learning about runes, staves, Viking food, Viking art, dying textiles – all of which will be used to exhibit their mini-museum in a few weeks time.

Don’t forget to keep practicing your reading as well as timetables on TTRockstars and spelling on SpellingShed as much as you can!  It really does make a HUGE difference in the classroom.


Term 2 – Week 3

This week in English we are very excited to be starting our new text ‘1000 Year Old Boy’ by Ross Welford.  I do wonder how sunglasses, a log, a match, a woolly jumper and a copy of ‘The Tale of Two Cities’ by Charles Dickens all fit together…?  Ask your child about it.

In maths we are coming to the end of our block on multiplication and division and will be moving onto fractions this week.  Please keep practicing those times tables with your children – we cannot stress how important, let alone useful they are to help make your child an efficient mathematicians – they are the bedrock of so much maths TTRockStars or Hit the Button    are super ways to practice.

We did some fabulous work using a Viking poem last week in our learning themes of ‘What would Britain be like if the Viking hadn’t invaded?’

Here are some freeze-frames of them in action:

Term 2 – Week 2

We’ve got a busy week ahead (as every week!) but just a few things to bear in mind:

Remembrance Day  (11th November) if your child is in Cubs/Scouts/Brownies etc they are more than welcome to wear their uniforms on Wednesday as we will be observing a 2 min silence at 11am.

Friday is Children in Need and we are asking children to wear something spotty for a small donation to such a worthy cause.

Following a superb session with Shane Dean (journalist and PR specialist) this week Buzzard Class will be continuing with their journalistic training and writing their news reports.  We will be starting our new book’1,000 year Old Boy’ by Ross Welford next week.

In maths for the next 10 (school) days our focus remains on multiplication and division – in particular the 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables for Year 4s, formal multiplication method for year 5s and Long Division for Year 6.  We will also be learning about estimating answers and ordering operations – it is all go!

In our learning theme (history. geography, science, art and DT) the children are really delving deep into understanding about the Vikings and the impact they have had on Britain.  Here are some great ‘freeze frames’ from last weeks’ work on the Viking Danegeld.

As ever, if there is anything you would like to talk to us about, please let us know!


We hope you all had a great two-week break and are refreshed, ready and raring to go!

This term we are continuing to investigate and answer our big question in our learning theme “What would Britain be like if the Vikings hadn’t invaded?” and will be focussing on Anglo-Saxon laws, rulers, Danelaw and Danegeld just to name a few.  We aim to have our own mini-museum in 5 weeks time so Buzzard Class can demonstrate what they have learnt.  Watch this space for details.

In maths we are continuing this week with multiplication and division – the formal written method as well as those vital multiplication tables. Don’t forget to keep practicing on https://ttrockstars.com/

In English we are learning how to write a newspaper report and all the technical know-how that comes with that for the next two weeks before starting on a new text.

The 1,000 Year Old Boy by Ross Wellford.

We can’t wait to get going!

Term 1 Week 4

What a week so far!  Buzzard Class are LOVING learning all about the Vikings and the impact they had on Britain (and the evidence we still see today).

Next week we have got an exciting ‘visit’ from the famous Jorvik Centre in York to do a virtual learning session with them – oh the wonders of technology!

In English our text Odd and the Frost Giants, by Neil Gaiman is inspiring some wonderfully imaginative writing, and the understanding of the book is getting deeper everyday.

In maths, we have finished our focus on place value (for now) and moving on to all four operations – starting with addition and subtraction.

Next week, we are continuing with this – with a small steps focus on multi-step problems, adding and subtracting integers, using four or more digits, missing number problems, estimating, approximating and checking – all within addition and subtraction.

Anything you can do at home that makes maths ‘real’ is helpful. For example  last week one lesson was learning about negative (minus) numbers, then in science that afternoon we were looking at changes in state and the children had to take temperatures (including below 0°C).

As ever, if there is anything you would like to talk to us about, please email: info@ppsa.theplt.org.uk

Until next week – keep learning (sang in a Strictly style!)





Term 1 Week 2 (7-11th September)

What a great start to the year we have had – the children all came back happy, positive and above all keen to be learning again.  It was a real joy hearing the hubbub of the class (and school) again.

This week in English we are continuing with our wonderful Here We Are book by Oliver Jeffers and the children will be publishing their poems from last week and writing letters – both informal and formal.  We will be sending home spelling sheets from this week too which will match with activities on SpellingShed. (We will reissue logins and passwords for this.)

In maths we carry on with place value and start the week with representing numbers, then compare and order numbers, moving to rounding numbers, then move on to counting forwards and backwards.  We will reissue passwords for TTRocksStars this week too.  Within our maths sessions this week we are also starting our outdoor learning sessions for each year group.

Our learning theme is ‘What would Britain be like if the Vikings hadn’t invaded?’ so we will build on last weeks learning about history timelines and chronology and find out more about how/why/when the Vikings landed on our shores.  We will recap some geography and use science to find out about changes of state. In art this week, Buzzard will be designing and making Viking-style broaches.

What a full week!

Welcome Back!


We are really looking forward to opening our doors to you all tomorrow!  Your class teachers in Buzzard Class are Mrs Elms and Mrs Barker with the support of Mrs Jeffries and Mrs Moffatt.  We also welcome Miss Hughes who will be our new Play Leader at lunchtime.


We hope you are as ready and raring to go as we are!

If you have any questions, please drop us a line on info@ppsa.theplt.org.uk

or call us on 01278 684151.