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Good attendance is key to your child having a successful school life. From gaining basic life skills, social skills and education, it is so important for children to attend school so that they do not miss out on fundamental learning that could hold them back in the future. Setting a good attendance pattern from an early age, from nursery through to primary school, will also help your child later in life with securing jobs and relationships.

Attendance and Leave of Absence during Term Time

Holidays will not be authorised during Term Time. The Department of Education’s attendance guidance states:

‘The law entitles every child of compulsory school age to an efficient, full-time education
suitable to their age, aptitude, and any special educational need they may have. It is the legal
responsibility of every parent to make sure their child receives that education either by
attendance at a school or by education otherwise than at a school’ (Working together to
improve school attendance May 2022)

Holidays which are taken for the following reasons cannot be authorised:

• parental work commitments;
• family gatherings;
• relatives visiting;
• cheaper holidays in England and abroad;
• avoiding traffic on Fridays;
• family day trips;
• visiting friends/family that have different half terms or holidays;
• because a child has good attendance;
• employment restrictions during the summer holiday.

Any leave equalling 10 sessions (5 days) or more will result in penalty notices being applied for, as stated on the TPLT Attendance Policy.

Please have a read of Sept 2022 attendance letter PPSA for more information.

Did you know? 

  • Children who have a poor school attendance record may have less chance of securing a job when they are adults.
  • Children who have a poor attendance record and play truant are more likely to be drawn into crime than those who have a good attendance record.
  • Children who attend 4 1/2 days a week miss out on 4 weeks of learning per year
  • Children who arrive 15 minutes late/picked up 15 minutes early every day for a year will miss out on 2 weeks of learning every year.

What can you do to help? 

  • If your child is anxious or worried about school, show an interest. Ask them about their day, read with them or ask if they would like to practise any of their work at home with you. If you are concerned about them ask to speak to the school Safeguarding team or Mental Health Team.
  • Be honest with the school. Speak to your childs teacher, the Principal or the School Office Team if you are having any issues getting your child to school on time in the morning or if there is a particular reason why your child is not attending school.
  • Follow the schools procedure for notifying absence. If your child is poorly you must call or leave an absence message on voicemail/Weduc first thing in the morning of that day. Try to book medical appointments after school hours however if that is not possible, let the school know so that we can work with your child to ensure the absence doesn’t affect their learning.

Please take a look at the below leaflet for more information regarding School Attendance. Alternatively, please speak to a member of the School Office Team who will be happy to help.

Attendance leaflet